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Senior Campaigner/ Lobbyist job with GLOBAL WITNESS

Global Witness’ Fossil Fuels Campaign aims to dismantle the power of the fossil fuel industry. Oil and gas firms have spent billions on lobbying and PR that has persuaded politicians and the public that fossil fuels are the backbone of a functioning modern world. This is resulting in ever more oil and gas production when we should be urgently transitioning to cleaner alternatives – to tackle the climate crisis and to create a more equitable and safer world for all. 

We are seeking an outstanding campaigner/ lobbyist to join our team of investigators, advocates and communicators. Together we use a combination of campaigning tactics to try to break the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold over politics and public opinion. 

Key responsibilities 

As Senior Campaigner on the Fossil Fuels Campaign, you will be an excellent strategist, communicator and persuader. You will monitor political developments in the UK, EU and/or the US, and spot strategic opportunities to present politicians with our work and persuade them to act on it. You won’t necessarily be a policy expert, nor will you be doggedly following any one policy brief. Your work will be opportunistic, agile and responsive to shifts in political trends and public debates.   


  • Monitor political and legislative trends in the UK, EU and/ or US, spotting opportunities for strategic interventions.
  • Work with Fossil Fuels investigators, campaigners and communications advisors to adapt investigations, data analysis or communications materials for political targets.
  • Build and maintain relationships with elected officials, government agencies, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to advance our campaign agenda.
  • Develop lobbying strategies and tactics for engaging campaign targets, and when necessary work with lobbying firms or consultants in particular jurisdictions.
  • Prepare persuasive written materials, including policy briefs, talking points, and position papers, to effectively communicate our message to policymakers and the public.
  • Represent Global Witness at hearings, advocacy meetings, conferences, and other relevant forums.
  • Coordinate with other campaign groups when strategic to mobilise support for key policy or legislative initiatives and the communications and campaigning surrounding those.  

Strategic communication

  • Build relationships with the media, represent Global Witness in media interviews, and look for innovative ways to communicate core campaigns messages.
  • Monitor relevant news cycles, informing colleagues of opportunities for investigative inquiry or rapid response communications. 
  • Produce written content for Global Witness’s website, social media channels, blog posts and briefing documents in consultation and partnership with communications and campaigns colleagues.

Ways of working and collaborating

  • Support Campaign Strategy Leads and other staff to develop and evolve effective strategies for achieving campaign and organisational goals.
  • Support work to monitor, evaluate and implement learning from campaign initiatives.
  • Work in line with the Global Witness values of courage, inclusion and belonging, kindness and collaboration in all interactions internally and externally.
  • Work collaboratively and positively across the team and whole organisation contributing to cross organisation projects, key events, and initiatives.
  • Demonstrate an active commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Work within Global Witness policies and procedures, including confidentiality, source protection and security, legal and contractual requirements and general office procedures.


  • This role is based in the UK with a minimum of two days spent in the Global Witness London office in line with our hybrid working model.
  • Overseas travel will be required periodically.
  • Where appropriate, oversee the work of other team members, interns or consultants.
  • Carry out any other duties equal to the skills and responsibilities required for this role as directed by the Campaign Strategy Lead.


To be successful in this role you’ll have:

  • Demonstrable experience as a campaigner, lobbyist, government affairs specialist, communications strategist, or related role, with a track record of successful campaign/ advocacy wins.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to clearly and simply articulate complex issues, build consensus, and influence decision-makers.
  • Strong strategic instinct, with a good understanding of people’s incentive structures and how best to encourage them to act in ways that further our campaign objectives.
  • Effective relationship-building skills, with the ability to establish and maintain productive partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of the political landscape in the UK, EU and/ or US as relates to fossil fuels and related topics.
  • An aptitude for speaking at public events like government/ legislative hearings, and giving media interviews.
  • Agility and adaptability – able to shift between political contexts and subject areas with ease and effectiveness.
  • Self-awareness, including a developed understanding of your strengths, limitations, and your impact on others.
  • Track record of managing multiple priorities at once, and working effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team and in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  • Ambition and drive to take on one of the world’s most powerful industries in the fight against climate breakdown.

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