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السفر الى النمسا عبر العمل التطوعي فرصة للدخول الى اوروبا

 السفر الى النمسا عبر العمل التطوعي فرصة للدخول الى اوروبا بشكل قانوني, التقديم عبر الموقع فقط

العمل التطوعي


السفر الى النمسا عبر العمل التطوعي Volunteering at Sunnahof Tufers | Solidarity & Diversity in Vorarlberg 

Sunnahof Tufers

Göfis, Austria


***PLEASE apply by sending an e-mail to with your CV + letter of motivation! Also please state your preferred area: 

  1. Agriculture, 
  1. Carpentry OR 
  1. Plant Nursery.

*** Project Description: 

Sunnahof is a biodynamic farm as well as a social organization. Our general principle is “people need people” no matter if you have any disabilities or not. As a volunteer at Sunnahof, you will have a varied role and therefore gain invaluable experience for working with people with intellectual disabilities. You will learn a lot about disability issues and topics facing the local community. You will also learn how to work with people with disabilities and how to increase their skills and promote their independence. The area of Plant Nursery/Gardening is about substantial work around plants, herbs, and vegetables. 

The area of Agriculture is about taking care of the animals and stables. In the woodworking area, you will use different woodworking techniques as work methods.


You will live in the house next to the organization with the other volunteers. You will have your own room and share two bathrooms and the kitchen and living room with the others. During the week you will get your lunch served. In the morning, evening and at the weekend you should cook by yourself/with the others. For this you will get extra food money to buy your groceries 🙂 The infrastructure with trains and buses is easy and quick and you will also have a bicycle at your disposal. Also, every volunteer will receive a ticket for free use of the public transport in the whole region of Vorarlberg!


The volunteer will have the following trainings and opportunities: 

– On-arrival Training; organised by the NA Austria 

– Midterm-Meeting; organised by the NA Austria 

– 2 German Courses; organised by the supporting/coordinating organisation 

– Regular evaluation meetings together with the supporting/coordinating organization 

– Regular meetings with your mentor in the hosting organization


We are looking for open-minded people who want to collect a lot of experiences in the daily work with people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral problems. We expect that the volunteers bring in a high motivation for the substantial work, especially for the work with people with disabilities. Moreover, the volunteer has a stabilized personality so they are able to encourage and accompany people with disabilities to realize their potential and abilities.

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